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Welcome to one of the most exciting pageants.  Welcome to CAPTIVATING® pageants!  Go beyond beauty to a place where you can showcase your allure and charm...where you ARE Captivating.

Our new motto #BeYou #Be Different #Be Captivating.  We encourage all our contestants to come and experience a weekend where your personal sense of style, height, shape and intelligence is welcome with open arms.    Everyone is Captivating!  

Our crown is gorgeous but it is lonely…we are searching for extraordinary ladies that have the character, charm and enchanting persona that can wear the crown…no wait…we need someone to complete the crown.  CAPTIVATE.

Are you ready for a unique experience that will help prepare you for the future?  If you participate you will gain self confidence, poise, and learn how to interact with a diverse group of young ladies and women in a competitive setting.  Truly it’s on opportunity of a lifetime.  But remember the winner of this crown wont just participate she will need to 

C A P T I V A T E!

Are YOU ready girls…?

The Miss Captivating® and Miss Teen Captivating® pageants are looking for ambassadors to represent MISS TEEN CAPTIVATING® throughout her community.  The winners may not necessarily score highest in any one particular category, but will do well in all events. They will be young women who possess the entire package of poise, personality, intelligence and beauty. They should understand that along with the prizes and glamour, there comes a responsibility to their state, their school, the  pageant system, sponsors, and most important, to themselves.  They automatically and instantly become role models. It is certain to be a year of priceless personal growth.   We welcome each of you to our growing family at STUDIO RM pageants!


Support and advocate your favorite charity all year  
No experience necessary
No talent competition





Rick Martinez  originates  from Texas with a professional photography background and has been involved in the pageantry industry since 1997.   Rick has assisted local and state MISS TEXAS, MICHIGAN & OHIO USA contestants succeed in there pageant careers.  He is the owner of STUDIO RM - Rick Martinez, LLC.

STUDIO RM, LLC  has produced and directed state pageants for several years in Ohio and Michigan.  Recently STUDIO RM, LLC toured the United States producing pageant productions for MTV's MADE.  The studio's successful events always leave the contestants, families, audiences and everyone involved wanting more!  STUDIO RM, LLC  promises to deliver this excitement to each event! 

STUDIO RM, LLC starts with quality, taking to heart the needs of our clients, contestants and audience first. STUDIO RM,  LLC  is building its reputation on being one of the very best in the industry.


STUDIO RM, LLC's production Miss Teen Captivating® pageant was featured on 4 episodes of MTV's MADE in 2011.  

That reputation continues today, and will carry on far into the future.  The pageant contestants of a STUDIO RM, LLC pageant know that excellence is in the very foundation of pageants.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to view videos of STUDIO RM, LLC pageant productions and events.  
Early Entry Fee $500
After Jan. 1st, 2023 Entry Fee is: $595